• Significantly reduce the physical size of equipment
  • Reduce power conumption to as little as one tenth that of traditional microprocessors
  • ​Reduce product development risk and time to market with remote hardware maintenance

Shrink Down:

FPGA Design and Consulting:

Feasibility studies, Design reviews, Design problem solving, Education.

Team Extending - Short term resourcing with long term thinking.

IP Core development - Have your cores developed to your own standards and specifications.

MATLAB/Simulink FPGA porting - bring

your models to life and running in real


Collaborative Outsourcing - proactive implementation beyond literal

interpretation of your specifications. 

Dramatic acceleration of:

  • Complex Analysis
  • Time-consuming modelling
  • Advanced Control Systems
  • Extreme Image Processing
  • Wired and wireless communications
  • Big Data Handling and Analysis

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Arrayware Services:

Why use FPGAs  ?

Speed Up: