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Applied FPGA Solutions from Matlab, Simulink and HDL-Coder

MATLAB and Simulink designs brought to life and running in real time.


  • MATLAB and Simulink from Mathworks provide extraordinary power to create complex models of just about anything. Mathworks makes model-based design possible and significantly reduces design risk. Mathworks supplies tools that can bring your MATLAB and Simulink models to life in FPGAs, achieving hundreds of times acceleration over standard processors and a third the power consumption of GPUs.

Arrayware can:

  • Assist in this process and reduce development risk even further with its deep FPGA knowledge and tried and tested industry experience. 

  • Create MATLAB and Simulink development frameworks to allow your team to embed its own specialist domain experience in FPGA hardware, without having to be FPGA experts.

  • Assist if the going gets tough and be your on-call trouble shooters.

  • Or, if you prefer, our designers can take care of the translation into the hardware world for you, liaising closely with your team every step of the way.

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