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FPGA Cores and Bespoke IP

Do you need custom modules or core development to suit your needs?

We provide total programmable logic solutions or individual modules and cores.

Our broad ranging experience brings innovative, solid solutions.


Some examples of specific modules and cores developed:

  • ​Custom ZYNQ peripherals

  • ​Microbaze and Nios peripherals

  • GHz arbitrary waveform generators

  • ​Real time differential equation solution engines

  • High speed matrix operations

  • Hyper performance image processing, video processing and computer vision modules

  • FPGA TCAMs and pattern matchers

  • Real time Ethernet (1G, 10G), ATM and IP packet processing modules

  • WiMAX FPGA baseband system architecture

  • Ultra High Speed CRC/FEC Engines

  • 622M, 2.4G, 10G, 40G, 100G POS (Packet Over SONET) Analysis modules

  • Multi-DSP RAM arbitration modules

  • Multi-DSP data interfaces

  • Digital radio demodulators

  • Digital microwave radio TDM access controllers

  • Digital radio clock recovery modules

  • Digital phase compensators

  • Block phase estimators

  • Programmable digital filters

  • Fixed FIR filters

  • Special function digital cross-connect modules

  • Auto-pipelining high-speed / area efficient processing modules

  • High speed fuel injection controller modules

  • SPI multi-byte interfaces

  • UARTs and text interfaces

  • Microprocessor interface libraries

  • Compressed data bus interfaces

  • 2,8,34Mbps plesiochronous digital performance analyser engines

  • Telecommunications framers

  • HDB3 decoder/error detectors

  • Data aligners

  • Power supply controllers

  • Motorised display controllers

  • ISDN interface modules

  • High speed data acquisition modules

  • Many general purpose interfaces, test modules, test benches and glue logic modules

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