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About Us

Arrayware develops hyper-fast, custom-engineered hardware for complex analysis, diagnostics, extreme image processing, time intensive modelling, advanced control, big data solutions, wired and wireless data transport.


Arrayware applies FPGA technology to accelerate digital processing and computation in diverse domains. Founded in 1993, its customer base has grown over twenty years to include: life science; mining; chemistry; medical; communications; physics; automotive; agriculture and finance. The results are 100’s of times speed-up and significant power and space reductions over conventional hardware


When algorithms do not lend themselves to parallelism, or when the passing of large data sets between iterations is required, FPGAs do not exhibit the performance roll-off suffered by GPUs and other parallel computing solutions. Compared to GPUs, FPGAs use about one-third the power and produce results with a fraction of the latency – the latter being critical for high speed control systems.

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Why we are different

People often voice concerns with respect to engaging external design houses. Concerns include:

  • High management overhead

  • Communication difficulties

  • Lack of pro-activeness from the outsourcing company once the development is underway

  • Questionable ability of the outsourcing house to pick up specification problems early

  • Intellectual property rights and protection

  • Loss of control

We address all these issues through our pro-active service.

This means:

  • Acting as an extension of the customer's team while seeking to minimise their management overheads.

  • Alerting the customer to situations where we see potential design or process improvements.

  • Not interpreting customer-provided specifications purely literally - we actively assess any requirement against our understanding of the client's real needs and seek clarification when required.

  • Using our industry-tested FPGA experience to offer insight in the early stages of specification.

  • We operate under Australian law with a strong legal framework and ethical culture, geared towards protecting the intellectual property rights of our clients.

We take a methodic and considered approach to the entire project lifecycle:
Transparent Reporting

With even the best planning and skill, things can change and the unexpected can happen. It’s critical that your partners provide transparent reporting and early warning in the event of any contingency so you have the best chance to make the right decisions. Arrayware takes a ‘warts and all’ approach to reporting in the belief that this produces the best outcome for everyone involved.

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