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Partnering / Team-Extending

Would you like to extend your existing project team with our specialist knowledge and experience or are you looking for an on-site contract FPGA engineer backed by a team of FPGA specialists?


You may already have your own team that is well in control but just needs:

  • Extra design horsepower to get the job done on time, or

  • Some particular specialist experience aimed specifically at the problem at hand.


In such cases, we offer to work as an extension of your team.

  • We are an instant experienced resource that can be engaged and released as your project requirements dictate.

  • We work to minimise your management effort and infrastructure outlay.


One way in which we are different...


Do you want to outsource your FPGA development to a highly experienced provider?


Our outsourcing services are aimed at clients who:

  • Are looking for partial or total relief from the FPGA design cycle

  • Want to offload sub-module or FPGA core development from their own busy team

  • Want a specific FPGA core developed externally


In every case we

  • Engage in detailed discussions to determine your exact requirements.

  • Work to create clear, concise design specifications in close consultation with you.

  • Design, code, simulate and test.

  • Generate quality user documentation.

  • Deliver and back up.

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