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About Us - Testimonials

What our clients are saying:


"Arrayware consistently exceeded our expectations. The flexibility of their FPGA solution was invaluable to our project. They worked in with our mechanical engineers seamlessly and enabled us to expand the capabilities of our medical device." Geoff Rogers, Director, IntelliMedical Technologies

“They came up to speed on a very complex project in a very short time and quickly provided clear, tangible recommendations for improved FPGA results to management.”
David Robertson, Program Manager, CSIRO


“Arrayware were instrumental in understanding our design requirements and delivering a complete, documented implementation to us on time. We greatly appreciate the value of their assistance and the quality of their release to us during the limited time we had available for integration.”
Henk van Hoek, Development Manager, ComGroup Australia


“Their team worked as an important and integral part of our own development team.”
Neil Livingstone, Chief Product Officer, Endace Limited


"Their responsiveness and flexibility allows us to make the most of market opportunities as they arise."
Mike Riley, CEO, Endace Limited.


"We know from experience that anything we request from them will come back well designed, well documented and working as it should be."
Stuart Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Endace Limited.


"They worked seamlessly with our own FPGA development team with minimal management overhead, added their skill and insight to ours and delivered well documented results of the highest quality."
Cary Wright, Director of R&D, Agilent Technologies.


“Their flexibility was key in simplifying project management.”
Tony McTackett, Program Manager, Comgroup Australia


“They helped create a Matlab/FPGA tool framework that allowed us to make the most of our own internal DSP and RF skills. They educated as well as engineered - passing on new skills and concepts to our team as the project progressed.”
Tony McTackett, Program Manager, Comgroup Australia

“We have been happy with the collaboration and beneficial relationship in getting our product to market. Our Arrayware team put in the extra effort required to deliver on time while maintaining our high standards of quality and safety.”

Alex Moffatt, Programme Manager, Invensys Rail


“They responded to our needs really quickly, giving us fast answers to critical feasibility and architectural questions early in the project.”
Jonathan Lacey, CEO, Ofidium Pty Ltd


“Their clear and detailed reports demonstrated their depth of knowledge and experience.”
Professor Arthur J Lowery, Founder and CTO, Ofidium Pty Ltd


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